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About Us

Our Mission: 

Through developing safe, high quality skin care ingredients for the natural products industry, we empower rural West African women while adhering to the strictest fair trade standards. Through supporting community development and developing environmentally and economically sustainable ingredients, we inspire others to put people and planet before profit. 


About Us:  

Ojoba Collective is a social enterprise co-founded by Johan and Tracy Wulfers in 2003. Originally based in the United States, Ojoba Collective relocated to Finland in 2018. Our Finnish business registration number is 2962579-2. 

Our goal is to use the principles of fair trade as a vehicle for creating healthy, empowered, and environmentally sustainable rural communities. For the last 17 years, we have worked directly with producer groups in West Africa. 

We ethically source natural plant oils, such as baobab oil and shea butter for the cosmetics industry, and also coordinate community-based capacity building projects in areas of literacy, health, alternative farming techniques, and building climate change resiliency. We also do consulting work for ethical companies interested in creating successful capacity building projects in their supply chain.  



Ojoba Collective has been an active member of the North American-based Fair Trade Federation from 2004 until 2016 when we relocated to Europe. In 2017 we started our membership certification process with World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and are pleased to have completed the auditing process are now guaranteed members of WFTO since 2019. 

We were selected as a “Gold Certified Green Business” by Green America because of the strength of our commitment to social and environmental focus.

We were awarded the Green America People and Planet Award in 2014 for our work “empowering workers” in West Africa.

We are members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and members of the World Fair Trade Organization. 


We are passionately dedicated to: 

1. Adhering to the Strictest Fair Trade Standards

Our business has been rigorously screened by fair trade Organizations since 2004 to ensure we are in compliance with their fair trade guidelines. Read More...

 2. Empowering West African Women

All sustainable development experts agree that one of the keys to lifting rural communities in the developing world out of extreme poverty is by investing in women. Read More...

 3. Supporting Community Development

In poor rural communities, the lack of basic services and infrastructure are a huge barrier to development. That’s why we have been involved in community projects from the beginning.  Read More...

 4. Being Environmentally and Economically Sustainable

We strive to make our manufacturing facilities in Ghana as green as possible, as well as provide resources and training to for the local community in alternative green practices and climate resiliency. Read More...

 5. Providing Safe, High Quality ingredients for the Natural Cosmetics Industry 

Learn more about our high quality, hand-crafted, raw shea butter here...

Learn more about our high quality, cold-pressed baobab oil here...

 6. Inspiring Others!

It’s our hope that by creating people-to-people connections and showing the profound positive impact committed fair trade companies can have in producer communities, we are inspiring others to support fair working conditions and sustainable products wherever possible!