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Baobab Oil Specification Sheet

Ojoba Collective

Specification Sheet  -  Cold Pressed, Unrefined Baobab Oil


General Description  

      Scientific Name: Adansonia digitata

      Origin: Upper East Region, Ghana, West Africa

      Extraction: Cold Pressed

      Shelf Life: Industry Standard – 2 years



      Color- Golden Yellow                               

      Odor-  Characteristic

      Free Fatty Acids- .12-.16 %

      Peroxide Value- less than 10

      Saponification Value- 190-210

      Insoluable Impurities- 0 %

      Acid Value- 0.65% mgKOH/g

      Saponification Value- 185-215 mgKOH/g

      Iodine Value- 55 -75



      Store in a cool, dark place away from natural sunlight.  Store in a tightly sealed container.



      Skin Care: lotions and oils, body butters, Cosmetics, Massage oils and creams, Bath oils, Hair Care



      Packaged in 20 Liter Plastic Jerry Can Containers. Labeled with production date and lot number.