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Ojoba Collective, and Fair Trade, Win People and Planet Award!

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Green America People and Planet AwardGreen America just announced winners for the Fall 2014 People and Planet award, and we are honored to be one of the winners!!

This season's theme for the award is "Empowering Workers," and all three winners are Fair Trade Federation Members: Canaan Fair Trade helps Palestinian farmers gain access to world markets, Mata Traders support artisan families in India struggling to compete with textile factories, and we were chosen based on our work with women's cooperatives in rural Ghana!

Thanks for everyone who voted for us! We are incredibly grateful to Green America for their support and recognition, and we are also grateful to everyone who cared enough to take the time during this busy holiday season to vote. 

The fact that three fair trade businesses won this award signals a change in consumer attitudes. Americans are tired of reading about sweatshops, child labor, and the exploitation of workers, just like they are tired of reading about the exploitation of the earth. Fair Trade is a growing movement because people are realizing we can’t create a healthier planet without building communities of healthy, empowered people to do the work.

We will use part of this award to further green our shea production process in Ghana. We have already reduced our firewood consumption by 50% with the use of simple solar technology and biomass fuel. But we will use this award to further reduce our fuel consumption by introducing industrial size, highly efficient rocket stoves and improved biomass and solar technology. 

Thanks, Green America, for giving us this opportunity and stay tuned for more updates soon!