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Meet Individual Coop Members

adongo-atandaa-1.jpgMeet Adongo Atandaa

Adongo Atandaa has been a member of the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative since 2005. She is married and has four children. Before joining the cooperative, she had no steady source of income, and purchasing basic school supplies for her children was a huge struggle. During the long dry season, commonly called “the hungry season,” she used to have to travel far from her village and children in search of work. But now, with the income she earns through the cooperative, she doesn’t have to leave home anymore and she has been able to keep all four of her children in school.




Meet Anna Adongoanna-adongo.jpg

Anna has put the income she earns from working with the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative to good use. She invested her earnings the first year into a small flock of guinea fowl. As her flock grew, she began selling them and investing in goats. She now has a viable livestock business in addition to her work in the shea cooperative. The other members of the cooperative like to joke that she will become a serious cattle owner next. She is now easily able to support herself, her husband and her five children throughout the year. She dreams that one day, one of her children will be able to complete the highest level of education and come visit us in the USA.




amina-mahamadou.jpgMeet Amina Mahamadou

Education has always been a dream for Amina Mahamadou. She was never able to attend school herself, and always wanted to make sure that her children had that opportunity. Before becoming a member of the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative, she could not always afford to keep all of her four kids in school full time. Now she is finally able to realize that dream for her children, and is even attending adult literacy classes for herself. Not only that, she has become the main breadwinner for her family, and supports her husband during the long dry season when there is no farming.