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What Happened to our 4oz Tins?


Big Changes are happening at Ojoba Collective!

We are moving our headquarters this year, and will no longer have a USA-based sales office. This means, sadly, we will no longer be offering tins of shea butter or baskets for sale to the general public. 

It was a difficult decision to make, but we are excited to be moving closer to Ghana where we can work more closely with the amazing women in our cooperatives, and have an even greater positive impact on their communities.

We will be concentrating on supplying the natural cosmetics industry with our shea butter and baobab oil, so if you are a legitimate company looking for a fair trade source of high quality ingredients, please contact us!

We know many of your loyal customers will be disappointed, but our 4oz tins of shea butter will be available for a limited time through the online Isabella Catalog

We are incredibly grateful to all of you for being such supportive customers throughout the years, and we wish you all the very best in health and happiness in all of your endeavors.

We will have more updates soon . . . Stay tuned to our website and facebook page to learn more ...