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Shea Butter Specification Sheet

Ojoba Collective

Specification Sheet  -  Unrefined Shea Butter


General Description  

Ojoba Collective unrefined shea butter is a traditionally crafted natural fatty substance. The butter is extracted from a seed kernal of the karite tree in the Upper East Region of Ghana, West Africa. The shea butter is natural, unrefined and in a pure form.



     Scientific Name: Butyrosperum parkii

     Color- Cream with Yellow Hint                                  

     Odor-  Characteristic

     Melting Point- 32 -45 degrees C

     Free Fatty Acids- <3.5%

     Peroxide Value-

     Unsaponifiables- >6%

     Water Content- <0.2%

     Insoluable Impurities- <1%

     Acid Value- 6.0 max. mgKOH/g

     Saponification Value- 170-185 mgKOH/g

     Microbiology- Satisfactory



Store in a cool, dark place away from natural sunlight.  Unrefined shea butter should be stored in sealed plastic sacks or plastic containers.



Unrefined shea butter is used as a good emollient and moisturizer for the skin due to the unique combination of triglycerides and high unsaponifiable content. It has moisturizing and regenerative properties that soothes and protects skin. Unrefined shea butter is smooth to the skin which makes it excellent for face, hand and body care products. Other suggested uses include lip balms, soaps, body butters, ointments, after sun care and bath products.



Packaged in 25 kg (55 lb) plastic lined and sealed cartons.